Think of it as your 'spiritual gym membership'.

It's time we regularly worked those self-love, personal power + inner wisdom 'muscles' out!
Welcome Home.
It's an honor to invite you to this sacred space.
Aprecity is a place where you can come to charge up your inner light, reconnect with your truly magnificent soul, and create relationships  with others who are on the same path so that together we can all rise to a new way of living. A way of life with more ease, joy, abundance and vitality. 

Watch the video on your left and let me explain even more.
Let me hold the space for your most expansive, joyful, abundant life. 
Get support, tools, recipes, meditations and community with weekly workshops and monthly Q+A calls from anywhere in the world.
I've worked with a multitude of clients from all over the world in my one on one mentorship programs and have had a burning desire in my heart for years to create the kind of support, resources and accountability that I offer my individual clients in a way that would be so affordable that EVERYONE would have access to the tools that would allow them to reach a new way of living. My heart bursts to welcome you to Aprecity and the love, light and support that awaits you in this community.
"To be disciplined
 in the doing of 
what LIGHTS you up
is an act of deep self-love."
Cassandra Bodzak 
#LightMaker + Aprecity Founder
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Your aprecity membership includes..
weekly intensive online workshops with Cassandra Bodzak -- set yourself a 'me-date' on the calendar each week and dive deep into soul-activating topics, tune into the new moon and full moon rhythms and flex your self reflection muscles
access to a library of Cassandra's workshops for you to dive in right away with updates each month (why not binge watch some inspirational content?!)
new, mind-body-soul nourishing, seasonal meal ideas every month (Eat with Intention approved -- make your own meal plans for optimal radiance + wellbeing)
a whole library of guided meditation videos for you to explore as well as a monthly meditation suggestion to practice as a community
a community facebok group to meet, support and connect with other aprecity members and share your Ah-Has
exclusive discounts (special pricing for all online courses, one on one coaching and upcoming events)
"Our life expands in proportion to the amount we are showing up for it."
Living a life that LIGHTS you up is a marathon -- not a sprint.
You need the resources, support and guidance to help you get back on track when life throws you down a winding road or you wander back into your not-so-radiant comfort zone.
 I don't care about being perfect human specimens, I'm talking about improving your comeback rate. Life happens, you have a crazy week or two at work and next thing you know you have completely fallen out of your morning meditation practice. Maybe you went through a really rough break up that had you super motivated to take care of yourself, eat nourishing foods and dive even deeper into your spiritual practice but now that your hearts mended you are feeling a little less than inspired to keep it all up.

Listen, it happens to us all. This beautiful journey looks a lot more like a crazy rollercoaster than a coastline train and it's our support system that allows us to stay on track and enjoy the ride. Aprecity is here to help you be the best version of yourself, like a big sister, through good times and bad -- holding the light for you as we navigate the caves of this wonderful human adventure.
Work aprecity around YOUR schedule. Have something you want to get off your chest at 3am? Post in the forum to members around the world. Can't make our live intensive workshop? No problem, recordings will be posted immediately after and available indefinitely for your watching and re-watching pleasure.
 New information, insights and tools every week in the live workshops to keep you going deeper, staying in your positive flow, and releasing more fears and limiting beliefs. You stay inspired, connected to your inner truth and remembering your natural state of love. Most importantly -- you put a running date with yourself (and Aprecity!) on the calendar each week with our workshops and carve out the space to nourish YOU and show up for your own growth and expansion.
Stay inspired and have more fun in the kitchen with a new group of recipes to play with every month. Got some skills, yourself? Contribute to the community recipe gallery and share your favorite creations with other aprecity members.
Navigate road blocks with grace with support from all angles. Ask questions in the community forum or facebook group and get speedy responses to your inquiries from Cassandra as well as feedback and camaraderie from other members of the group OR feel free to save your question for the monthly live call and ask Cassandra yourself!
Binge watch INSPIRATIONAL content that's aligning you with a higher vibration and keeping you excited about the process of showing up for your life through greater well-being, self-care and deeper spiritual connection with a full archive of workshops at your disposal.
Add more ease and joy to your daily practice by logging in every morning and selecting one of the guided meditations from the gallery for simple, effective, mindfulness practices that really work.
Find your LIGHT-filled life 'running buddies'. Connect with other incredible people on this journey in the aprecity forum and help keep each other accountable, share your breakthroughs and take your new friendships off line.
Stay on track and keep expanding without having to be able to afford a large investment in a mentor or coach. 
Ready to go 
big + shine bright? 

Excited to take a stand for staying connected to your inner light?
Valued at over $2,000/month
weekly intensive coaching workshops ($500 value)
a library of past workshops to watch at any time ($1,000 value)
a buffet of meditations to explore that's always being update + a prescribed practice each month ($500 value)
a community to hold you accountable and take a stand for your personal growth and expansion 
You can normally join aprecity for only $44/month!

However, when you sign up today it's only $25/month
That's continuous ongoing support and divine wisdom for the price of ONE yoga class or a kale salad out at your favorite restaurant.
Are you ready to take a stand for your light?
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